About us

Who are we?

Created in 2017, SIREPDI AFRIQUE Sarl is an industrial company from the Turkey-Cameroon partnership which has been working for several years in the field of design, manufacture, assembly and maintenance of equipment and systems of Breakdowns.

The dynamic company is led by an experienced management team who will be challenged. Suppliers and business partners with the same vision complement the team. It also benefits from significant material, software and technical support from these foreign partners. Staff training and recycling on new technologies and software in the ventilation sectors remain a priority for the company; The goal is continuous improvement and the production of quality equipment at competitive prices.

SIREPDI Africa. offers a complete line of spiral round ducts and also rectangular ducts, as well as accessories for ventilation, air conditioning and smoke systems in the tertiary, industrial and commercial sectors. It offers a complete range of ventilation, air-conditioning and smoke grills and diffusers adapted to your needs in the residential, tertiary, industrial and commercial sectors. It also offers a complete range of casing as well as accessories for ventilation and smoke systems in the tertiary, industrial and commercial sectors.

SIREPDI Africa offers a complete range of accessories of circular and rectangular ventilation networks namely:

  • Elbows
  • Reduction
  • Quilting
  • Tees
  • Plenum
  • Processing Parts
  • Flexible sleeve
  • Galva Fitting
  • Galva plugs etc…

SIREPDI Africa offers a complete range of assembly accessories of rectangular networks namely:

  • Galva profile (20, 35, 40)
  • Corner Équère (20, 35, 40)
  • G Clamp
  • Insulating tape (seal)
  • Putty
  • Support structures
  • Aluminium tape
  • Aéraustop Band
  • Aéraustop Glue

The sizes of the ducts produced are as follows: Ø 100, Ø 125, Ø 160, Ø 200, Ø 250, Ø 315, Ø 350, Ø 450, Ø 500,… Ø 1500.

SIREPDI Africa offers a complete range of accessories
of thermal insulation.

  • Insulation cold water piping (polyurethane foam and Shell Injection)
  • Insulation Piping hot water
  • Cold Room Insulation
  • Habitat Insulation
  • Steam Circuit Isolation

Thanks to its design office equipped with state-of-the-art design software, as well as the technical support of its foreign partners, SIREPDI Africa offers its clientele technical studies (calculation notes and execution plans). For various projects.

Leaders in its sector of activity in Central Africa, SIREPDI Africa offers its clientele technical solutions adapted to their needs. All our products and services are guaranteed and the maintenance is ensured by a highly qualified after-sales service.

In summary, we produce and services are:

  • Production of galvanized sheet steel sheaths in rectangular form.
  • Production of galvanized circular sheet steel sheaths.
  • Production of grates, diffusers, mouths, registers and any other ventilation accessories.
  • Production and assembly of insufflation and extraction casing and turrets.
  • The insulation of circular and rectangular ducts (shell, rock wool, polyurethane foam).

Experienced employees, coupled with modern and productive equipment, allow us to offer our customers top quality products, in galvanized steel, mild steel, stainless steel or aluminium.

Continual efforts are being made to provide our customers with the best possible service, superior quality products, faster delivery, practical advice and quick and free estimation service.

SIREPDI Africa is the manufacturer with the largest quantity of machinery specialized in the manufacture of spiral products and accessories in Central Africa! Our Arsenal comprises 15 machines for the manufacture of round spiral and rectangular conduits, as well as a mobile machine that can operate completely autonomously on construction sites or warehouses.

Our mission

Develop strategic and sustainable partnerships with our customers in order to offer them all our expertise and solution adapted to their needs of ventilation and interior air renewal; Improving the comfort of their personal

  • Professional Specialist
  • Brilliant ideas
  • Quality Products
  • 24/7 Support

Our Vision

To be the leader in Africa in the design and implementation of various ventilation systems and accessories adapted to a tropical environment and complying with the rules of the art

Our Values


Our mandates are rigorously carried out according to a meticulous methodology and work ethic in order to offer superior quality services to all our clients.


Our multidisciplinary team brings together professionals from diverse backgrounds who have rich professional and personal experiences that allow them to adapt easily to any organizational culture.


Working together, a synergy is created in our work teams and with our customers and partners. The combination of our expertise allows you to offer the best possible solution.

Our Poles

Corporate headquarters

Rue Camtel: P.O. Box: 8264 Douala
Tel./Fax (237) 233 41 71 53
GSM.: + (237) 677 81 63 80/694 05 48 82/676 17 20 69/678 31 35 30 Whatsapp: + (237) 694 05 48 82
Email: sirepdi_afrique@yahoo.com/info@sirepdiafrique.com


6372 Rue Villeneuve Montréal-Quebec
Phone: + 1 514 377 0804
Whatsapp: Tel: + 1 514 377 0804
Email: sirepdi_afrique@yahoo.com

Equatorial Guinea

Phone: + 240 222 07 59 73/+ 240 551 28 34 30
Whatsapp: + 240 222 07 59 73
Email: sirepdi_afrique@yahoo.com


Phone: Tel: + 236 75 20 27 22/+ 236 70 55 55 41
Whatsapp: + 236 75 20 27 22
Email: sirepdi_afrique@yahoo.com

Turkey-Cameroon cooperation

SIREPDI AFRIQUE Sarl is an industrial company which is the result of a turkey Cameroon partnership in which SIREPDI finds its place.

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